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Common Pediatric Spine Conditions and spinal issues in children
Common Pediatric Spine Conditions and spinal issues in children

Common Pediatric Spine Conditions and spinal issues in children

What are the common spinal issues that occur in childhood?

The most common spinal issues that children encounter include scoliosis or abnormal curve of the spine, spondylolysis or stress fracture in vertebrae which occurs due to overuse of spine, spondylolisthesis or forward slipped vertebrae.

What are the rare or less common spinal issues in children?

In rare cases, known as Chiari malformation, contents of the brain may be pushed downwards towards the spine. Deep opening in the skin may be linked to spine and spinal cord, usually in lower back leads to tethered spinal cord.

In a case termed spina bifida, incompletely formed vertebrae and spinal cord malformation are other rare deformities which occur in a child’s spine.

Abnormal leg or bladder function, fatty mass in the skin near the lower back, patch of hair or skin discolouration in lower back, malformations in digestive and urinary tracts are symptoms which must be immediately attended to.

How are spine issues diagnosed in children?

These conditions are diagnosed through physical exam, CT scan, bone scan, X ray and MRI scan. X ray displays fractures, disc displacement while bone scans enlighten one about infections, inflammations and tumours.

CT scans detect complex disorders through 3-D images while lab tests like blood tests for instance, show the presence of infections and inflammations.

spine problems in children

What are paediatric spine trauma and how are they diagnosed?

A spinal injury which results in serious or permanent disability in children is known as pediatric trauma. It comprises fractures, injuries to joints and ligaments and neurological injuries whose symptoms are difficulty feeling moving or controlling legs and arms, difficulty in breathing and controlling bowels and bladder and muscle weakness.

How are pediatric spine problems treated?

Spine surgeons team with specialists in pediatrics, urology, neurology, neonatology and plastic surgery while treating children for spine issues. Treatments for the above mentioned ailments include detethering, decompression, fusion and bracing.