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Simple Movements to Help Back and Spine Health
Simple Movements to Help Back and Spine Health

Simple Movements to Help Back and Spine Health

Simple Movements to Help Back and Spine Health

The truth is that spine pain is quite frequent occurrence and many suffer an occasional level of discomfort. It can be extremely debilitating and drastically impact the quality of life because of persistent pain or immobility due to spinal discomfort. We’re here to assist you to reduce the strain and improve in improving your spinal health by using some simple actions.
Each person suffers back pain differently, which is the reason we suggest doing more than one of these exercises. Alongside a mattress that is firm to help your spine rest during sleeping, correct posture or stretching may make a big impact on the amount in back pain you experience each day.

Movements for Better Spine Health

Strengthen Your Core

A strong core assists in spinal strength, by stabilizing the muscles surrounding your back. The discomfort you experience when you bend, twist or lifting may result caused by weak spinal muscles. When there is weakness in the upper part of your spine it is the lower back that tends to carry the bulk of the burden which causes pain in the spinal region. Doing core strengthening exercises can improve the strength and flexibility of muscles within the abdominal and back muscles. These exercises can be performed at different times during the day, but not more than once in a day at the convenience at home.

A regular workout in a gym, classes, or in your home is another method to assist with the pain in your spine. It is important not to do it too much, especially in the event that you don’t exercise regularly or haven’t exercised for the past. Exercise too much can cause a negative impact and can cause injuries when you’re not cautious. It is recommended to start with the major three, and then moving to the next level when you’re ready to. If not, the three steps below are intended specifically for pain in the spine.

Abdominal endurance

Begin by lying back on your back with your legs straight, parallel with the ground. Lift your other leg to bring your knee in close proximity to your chest, bent at your knee. Place your hands under your lower back and take a deep breath and raise your head shoulders, and chest in one movement. Make sure to lift your body to the level of the floor till you feel an increase in muscle but no the sensation of pain. Ten to fifteen seconds before lowering to the ground. Repeat the exercise five to ten times, and then switch legs. Make sure your back is straight. You shouldn’t feel pain throughout the exercise. (Its suggested you contact us, We can advise you on the most appropriate exercise, that will suit you)

side plank

Side Planks

Place your body on the side and slowly lift your upper body with one arm. Place your forearm and palm rest flat onto the floor. Place your feet on the floor and ensure that the knees bend at 90 degrees. Put your free hand on your hip. Slowly and gently lift your hips up until they’re in line to the rest of your body. Maintain this position for between 10 and 15 seconds before lowering. Be sure to breathe throughout the motions.

bird dog excercise

Bird dog exercise

Get yourself ready on the floor with your hands and knees. Be sure to sit sitting on a surface that won’t cause any harm to your kneecaps or the shins. Then, lift your left arm and right leg at the same time. Extend both legs outwards, extend the leg out in front and arm in the back while keeping your limbs in a straight line. Do this for 10 seconds then return to the position of resting, and then switch sides. Left arm and right leg.

Repeat the process three up to 5 times.

All of these exercises should not cause any pain. Based on the muscle strength, you may be able hold longer than the ones we’ve discussed. If you practice these moves regularly, it can help strengthen your muscles in your spine and the core and relieve strain in the lower back and improve flexibility to help combat discomfort during your daily activities. Kindly visit the hospital to have a comprehensive health check in order to tell what is going on inside your body.