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Back pain caused due to obesity
Back pain caused due to obesity

Back pain caused due to obesity

Back pain caused due to obesity

Obesity poses an increased risk of back pain which in turn affects the pelvis, back and knees. Additional weight pulls forward the pelvis which strains the lower back producing symptoms like soreness and tightness.

How does obesity cause back pain?

Health risks owing to obesity related back pain include type 2 diabetes, cancer, osteoarthritis and sleep apnea. Though obesity is not a direct cause of back pain, it aggravates causants of back pain including herniated disc, ligament hardening and spinal arthritis.

Added weight in the midsection makes the spine to become uneven and adds pressure to back muscles which cause back pain.

Abnormal redistribution of body weight caused due to obesity aggravates wear and tear. Obesity shifts the pelvis forward and influences the inward curve of the spine or hyperlordosis which adds pressure to the lower back.

Influence of obesity on back conditions

Excess weight impacts the spine curve and adds pressure to the shock absorbing discs and thus results in herniation and pinched feeling in addition to strained muscles and ligaments. Excess fat leads to osteoarthritis which influences wear and tear in the joints.

Remedies to protect spine during obesity

To minimize pain in such conditions, one could resort to methods such as frequent movement, smaller meals, proper posture, water intake, good sleep and healthy diet.

Cardiovascular exercises and weightlifting strengthens muscles while yoga and pilates improve muscle flexibility. However one should avoid extreme exercises to prevent injuries and sleep in semi firm mattresses and exercises should follow suitable warmups.

Leafy vegetables and dairy foods rich in calcium and vitamin D curbs osteoporosis and shields the bone from thinning and becoming brittle. Avoiding smoking is also a step to avoid back pain. Physical therapy which comprises exercises to build strength, improve movement and flexibility, boost metabolism and increase function and mobility loosens tight muscles and promotes the body’s healing process.