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Backpacks and Back Pain in Children
Backpacks and Back Pain in Children

Backpacks and Back Pain in Children

Carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder can lead to chronic back problems. Risks include muscle strain, distortion of the natural ‘S’ curve of the spine, and rounding of the shoulders. It might strain the back, neck, or shoulders. It can cause a person to lean forward, reducing balance and making falling easier. Below points mentioned must be taken into consideration to avoid this scenario.

• Making sure the child has a backpack with the right size
• Make sure that the child isn’t carrying a load that is too heavy
• Holding the bag in one hand by its straps.
• Carrying the bag over one shoulder.
• An incorrectly fitted backpack.

If your child complains of persistent back pain, especially if it wakes them up at night or is connected to prolonged pain and stiffness, always contact your doctor for a diagnosis.