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Benefits of non surgical pain management
Benefits of non surgical pain management

Benefits of non surgical pain management

Non surgical pain management – Back pain is felt anywhere in the back by patients of which some may experience it radiating in the buttocks and legs. The disorder happens due to overuse of the body, improper postures and due to wear and tear. It may also result from injuries and when left unattended it leads to disastrous consequences. Below are the benefits of non surgical pain management

Back pain treatment in Anna Nagar based on causes

Back pains could happen due to herniated discs, muscle strains, muscle injury, pinched nerves, narrowing of spine, vertebral fractures, osteoporosis and due to ageing. Deciphering strategy for back pain treatment in Anna Nagar is a complicated process because it is required to know the source first. The non surgical pain management is based on the source of pain.

The structure that causes back pain includes large muscles that support the spine, spinal nerves that exit spinal canal towards the legs, facet joints and in the intervertebral discs. It is difficult to identify the underlying cause because herniated disc may feel similar to arthritic facet joint owing to its proximity and compressed nerve might be felt at different places such as disc or bone spur.

Dr Karunakaran, best spine specialist in Chennai discusses symptoms which is followed by physical examination and diagnostic tests like X rays, MRI scans and diagnostic injections which help to assess and confirm the location of underlying cause.

Back pain treatment in Anna Nagar and different types of pain

Back pain may be axial pain, referred pain and radicular pain where axial pain which occurs due to muscle strain tears in the discs is most common. Axial pain is also known as mechanical pain and is focused on a particular location where the pain may be sharp, dull, continual, constant and throbbing and in many contrasting intensities. Referred pain is dull and moves around with varying intensity.

Radicular pain which resembles an electric shock follows spinal nerve that exits spinal canal and occurs due to compression and inflammation of spinal nerve.

Non surgical back pain treatment in Anna Nagar

Physical therapy is a popular non surgical back pain treatment which is based on symptoms which comprises exercises that can be done at home.

The physical therapy for chronic back pain includes retraining postures, testing limits of pain tolerance, stretching and flexibility exercises, aerobic exercises and core strengthening. Meditation is advocated to those suffering from chronic pain so that they can distract themselves from focusing on the pain.

Avoiding inflammatory elements in diet such as trans fats, sugar and processed foods are avoided in a bid to reduce pressure on the spine. Injection based treatments which include nerve blocks, epidural steroid injections and nerve ablations are used when source of pain is detected but not feasible for other treatments.

Dr Karunakaran is one of the best spine specialist in India who is prime surgeon in minimally invasive techniques. Dr Karuna Spine Centre, backed by the surgeon’s expertise which is richer than two decades experience is well supported by a skilled team which restores patients of their quality of life.