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Coccydynia: Overview, Causes, and Treatment
Coccydynia: Overview, Causes, and Treatment

Coccydynia: Overview, Causes, and Treatment

Composed of three to five fused vertebrae, coccyx lies below the sacrum connecting tendons, ligaments and muscles. Coccyx along with ischial tuberosities of the two bones that form bottom of pelvis, bear the body weight when one is seated. While mostly the coccyx is curved, few have curve too far, thus causing pain.

Women, adults and obsese people are more prone to coccydynia, especially those who lose weight too quickly.

Causes of coccydynia

Coccydynia or tailbone pain occurs due to bruised and dislocated coccyx due to fall or accident, difficult childbirth or prolonged sitting in a narrow and hard surface and infections or tumors.

Instances where one falls backward, repetitive strain injury due to leaning back and forth in sports like cycling and rowing, pregnancy, underweight and lack of fat that protects coccyx from rubbing against muscles, sitting on hard surfaces cause coccydynia.

Symptoms of coccydynia

Women, adults and obese are more suceptible to tailbone pain whose symptoms include aching pain, severe pain while changing positions or during bowel movements. Other conditions like depression, poor sleep and pain in buttocks also signal tailbone pain disorder.

Apart from signaling pregnancy, coccydynia also occurs due to menstruation and may cause rectal pain.

Diagnosis of coccydynia

Fractures in the coccyx can be diagnosed through X ray and CT scan while presence of inflammation and tumour could be deciphered through MRI and bone scan.

coccydynia Treatment in chennai

Coccydynia could be treated at home through non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that reduce pain, hot bath to relax muscles, wedge shaped cushion to sit on, stool softeners to reduce pain during bowel movements, cold packs, stretching and strengthening muscles.

One could seek medical assistance to block nerve supply in the area, massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic and TENS therapy. Rare surgical treatments like either partial or complete removal of coccyx are also conducted. For pregnant women, therapists recommend sleeping on sides or sitting on wedge shaped pillows. To know more about coccydynia Treatment in chennai, feel free to contact us.